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I meet with you, face to face or online. This will be dependent on your current circumstances. I ask many questions.  Questions that will be crucial to your healing. I then am able to establish and remove the beliefs that contribute to the obstacles that prevent you from success. I explore other factors and deep subconscious conditioning that may have or are contributing to your limitations. I explore mind blocks you may have. I create rapport with your subconscious and conscious mind so that they may align with your goals and dreams. You develop confidence. Self-worth. Self-sufficiency. Self-preservation. You are guided into techniques that allow you to improve your life. You will be equipped to deal with all of life’s challenges going forward. You’ve taken the first step in reaching out and taking back control of your emotions, your mind, body, and soul through hypnosis. Together, using my multi-faceted approach, we will create lasting healthy change for your life moving forward. Anything is possible, let’s get started
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End of life doula services

The end of life doula is the footprints in the sand.


Stress. Anxiety. Depression.

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Stop Smoking

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